Teagasc Client Site

Teagasc has launched a new website (https://www.teagasc.ie). The content from the Teagasc Client Site has been migrated across and all the content is publicly available.

A number of the calculators have also been updated and relocated. The links to the calculators are available below:

bulletFeed Checker Calculator
bulletRelative values of Feeds for High / Medium Protein Diet
bulletSeeding Rate Calculator
bulletRelative Value of Fertilisers (Using CAN)
bulletRelative Value of Fertilisers (Using Urea)
bulletEstimation of Repayment Capacity

The Ration Reckner is in the process of being updated and will be relocated later this year. It is still available at the same URL as before: http://www.client.teagasc.ie/dbApplications/rationReckner/

You can continue to register for eProfit Monitor at http://ims.teagasc.ie/register/register_index.asp