Teagasc Client Site

Teagasc has launched a new website (https://www.teagasc.ie). The content from the Teagasc Client Site has been migrated across and all the content is publicly available.

A number of the calculators have also been updated and relocated. The links to the calculators are available below:

bulletFeed Checker Calculator
bulletRelative values of Feeds for High / Medium Protein Diet
bulletSeeding Rate Calculator
bulletRelative Value of Fertilisers (Using CAN)
bulletRelative Value of Fertilisers (Using Urea)
bulletEstimation of Repayment Capacity

The Ration Reckner is available here (Note: This is only compatible in Internet Explorer 9): http://www.client.teagasc.ie/dbApplications/rationReckner/

You can continue to register for eProfit Monitor at http://ims.teagasc.ie/register/register_index.asp